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Fortune 500 Hotel Chain Boosts Efficiency with SimplifyVMS

A leading Fortune 500 hotel chain partnered with SimplifyVMS to transform its vendor management system. Facing challenges with outdated technology and scalability, SimplifyVMS delivered significant cost savings and increased efficiency, streamlining operations across thousands of properties around the world.


What Valuable Insights you will Gain?

Comprehensive Visibility

SimplifyVMS addressed challenges, providing a full view of non-employees and streamlining compliance procedures in the U.S.

Centralized Process

Chose robust integration, centralizing contingent workforce data, reducing complexity in supplier engagement.

Efficient Compliance Reporting

Streamlined quarterly compliance reporting, saving time and reducing complexity for HR managers, enhancing focus on talent sourcing.

Consolidation of Services Spend

One "point of truth" facilitated consolidation of disparate services spend platforms, reducing rogue spend and maximizing return on investment.

Audit Efficiency

SimplifyVMS contributed to significant time reduction in supporting compliance audits, with improved data accuracy aiding in eliminating underqualified personnel investments.

Supplier Base Rationalization

Centralized data enabled a talent management strategy, rationalizing the supplier base, ensuring compliance criteria, and enhancing candidate quality.

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